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Training Needs Analysis
Training needs analysis, again one of those jargon phrases that send fear through most people, but once the jargon is removed, it becomes a useful tool to understand the skills needs within your business.  

A training needs analysis is simply put, gathering information from employees which will help an employer to better understand the staff’s educational and professional background, identifying training needs that might exist within the business, and the future aspirations of the employees. 
Let’s dissect the three areas a bit more

The Educational and Professional background of an Employee:
This information would assist Business to understand what skills and knowledge is needed within a designation as a minimum requirement for employment.   

Training needs within the business:
Having employees participate on a training needs analysis will assist with the understanding of what skills are still needed within your company and within each department to ensure that all staff are fully qualified to perform their respective job tasks. This is a fantastic way to ensure your skills development plan (ATR and WSP) is aligned and makes business sense.

The Future Aspirations of Employees:
This might seem like an unlikely thing to want to know about your employees but it has the potential to transform your business.

Let’s say Lebogang works as an administrative assistant within your business, she is a very efficient employee and has always performed well, not somebody you would want to lose to a competitor right? Well Lebogang has ambitions to become a bookkeeper and by upskilling Lebogang you will not only retain her as an asset to your business but it will also assist you with the planning of skills development and succession planning within your company.

If you would like to find out more about a training needs analysis and how it can assist your company contact HR and Skills Market and we will be happy to assist you in developing a training needs analysis specifically tailored to your business needs.
COID Services (W.As.6)

W.As.6 Deadline: 31 May 2015

To cover your workers against occupational diseases, injuries and death, you must register with the Compensation Fund.

The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act applies to:
  • all employers; and
  • casual and full-time workers who, as a result of a workplace accident or work-related disease:
    • are injured, disabled, or killed; or
    • become ill.
Employers are protected against civil claims if a worker is injured on duty and workers who are injured on duty can claim compensation for temporary or permanent disablement. If workers die as a result of an injury on duty, their dependants can claim compensation.

Anyone who employs 1 or more worker must register with the Compensation Fund and pay annual assessment fees.

A separate registration is necessary for each separate branch of a business.

Find out more about registering, submitting returns and obtaining a letter of good standing from the Compensation Fund contact us.
It’s fun, fast paced and to the point – it’s the MS Office Boot camp!
To thrive in a rapidly changing technological environment, you need to develop your computer skills. Computer literacy is required for almost every occupation today.  Many competencies used in IT were acquired through short courses and on-the-job training, with no formal recognition of the knowledge and skills, which you can now acquire. This qualification is ideal for candidates who are working in an administrative environment.

The programme is interactive to ensure that you grasp the latest and fastest way of performing tasks and are able to immediately apply your new efficiency tools in your work environment.  These sessions will also facilitate understanding of the evidence required for the learner assignments.  There are no exams! Delegates are required to complete assignments (Portfolio of Evidence).

Entry Requirements
Learners accessing this qualification are assumed to be competent in: Communication, Mathematical and Computer Literacy.

Qualification Objectives
  • Create, edit and enhance document appearance; and create merged documents
  • Create and edit and enhance the appearance of presentations
  • Create, edit and enhance the functionality of spread sheet and apply graphs/charts
  • Enhance, edit and organise e-mail messages
  • Use a web-browser to search and use information from the internet
  • Combining computing skills with fundamental communicating skills
  • Improvement of mathematical literacy by utilising computing applications to solve various aspects of personal life and business
  • An understanding of impact of ICT and its use in an organisation
SETA Submission Deadline Looming
The deadline for the submission of training plans to all the SETAs: 
30 April 2015.

Literacy and skills development remains a king-size head-ache in our country.  Through the provision of skills, we can work together to deal with this problem.

The SETAs, receiving the skills levies (SDL) that you pay to the South African Revenue Service (SARS), are working with business to provide you with the means to provide much needed skills to your industry and business, by paying back a portion of this levy if you submit your training plans.

Time is running out.  To get your rightful share back, contact us today.
SA Employment Legislation radically changed in 2014

Implementation deadline 1 April 2015.

Failing which could see your company being fined which could result in your business being shut down.

The minister of Labour & Government overhauled the 3 Acts governing how you treat your employees.  Affecting over 70 changes and put in place a new ACT detailing the labour practices you need to follow within any foreign national you employ.

Some of the changes….
  • No fixed-term contract longer than 3 months can be issued
  • Unfair discrimination in terms of employees’ salaries
  • Public employment service before recruiting non-South African citizens
  • Limiting use of labour brokers to genuine temporary needs
With a possible R2.7 million fine subject to the transgression, you have no choice but to ensure you’re on the right side of the law.
Contact your HR Consultant today to ensure that you are.
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